RCMP E Division has partnered with other municipal police agencies and the B.C. provincial government in the implementation of a common police information system. In February 2003, B.C. Solicitor General, Rich Coleman introduced legislation that all police forces in the province use a common information system to enhance public safety and improve law enforcement across the province.

A call taker using PRIME-BCPRIME-BC (Police Records Information Management Environment for British Columbia), connects every municipal police department and RCMP detachment throughout the province and provides access to information about criminals and crimes instantly to all police agencies.

British Columbia is the first jurisdiction in the country to adopt a province-wide, online police records management system that provides interoperability among all policing agencies in the province.

"As an intelligence-led police organization, says Superintendent Ken Handy, OIC RMS Renewal PRIME-BC, we rely heavily on our databases. To break down silos, we must share that information. PRIME-BC provides for real-time data collection, entry and sharing in the multi-jurisdictional policing environment that is our reality today.

A RCMP officer accessing PRIME-BC from a police cruiser.With its three interlinking components of the Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS) and the Mobile Work Station (MWS), PRIME-BC creates significant policing efficiencies by reducing duplicate data entry, increasing data quality and enhancing criminal analysis. The integration of all three systems creates an instant, virtual link from the Operational Communications Centres to the mobile units in patrol cars. Dispatchers can track the movement of vehicles on the GPS system increasing response time to 911 calls. Files created in the mobile environment are immediately available to officers back at the detachment.

The best information, adds Handy, has always been obtained on the street, dealing directly with complainants, witnesses and suspects. Accurate and timely information that can be shared will greatly enhance all police operations.

PRIME-BC gives officers instant access to the most powerful crime fighting weapon—information. PRIME-BC collects, connects, and contributes to a common body of knowledge and police intelligence that’s instantly accessible by all officers in the province.