Tue Apr 08 15:49:00 PDT 2014

purse getting stolenIn order to reduce theft from autos, the Lock Out Auto Crime program was created as a joint venture between the RCMP, crime prevention organizations and ICBC. The program is designed to be an educational program that promotes awareness and highlights safety measures to help protect vehicles from theft or vandalism.

Volunteers visit areas in the community such as parking lots, larger shopping centres, libraries and popular visitor attraction sites handing out Lock Out Auto Crime brochures and checklists.

Lock Out Auto Crime volunteers take note of anything that attracts them to a vehicle, such as;

  • Are there items of value left out in the open?
  • Is your vehicle locked?
  • Does your vehicle have an anti-theft device?

Lock Out Auto Crime Checklist on windshieldThe volunteer records each ‘prevention infraction’ on a formatted checklist, and leaves it on the windshield for the driver to review. There is absolutely nothing punitive about the program; it is simply intended to promote the prevention of auto crime.

Theft from auto is a crime of opportunity and as such is preventable. Something as insignificant as small change may lure a thief. Quite often the damage the thief causes to get into a vehicle is a lot more expensive than what they actually steal. The victim then has to pay the deductible cost, and all of us are faced with higher insurance premiums as a result.

If you are looking to get involved in the Lock Out Auto Crime program or any of our Volunteer programs, please see our Volunteer Opportunities page for more information. To apply, visit your local RCMP detachment or Community Police Office.

Email: bcrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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