In September of 2013 after a lengthy investigation into suspicious activity at a storage unit, Langley RCMP applied for and obtained a search warrant for one particular locker.

On September 29th of last year, the search warrant was executed and 54 exhibits were seized from the locker in Langley City. Items seized were believed stolen and some have been returned to their respective owners.

Items seized included eleven firearms classified as replica or imitation firearms, ammunition, bear spray, an expandable ASP baton, cameras, radios, jewelry, tools, sunglasses, external hard drives, and board games.

While police were executing the warrant, a small blue sedan believed to be associated to the locker arrived, came to a stop and immediately accelerated in reverse. One of the officers jumped into his vehicle and followed the sedan until it stopped just outside the fenced storage compound. The officer arrested the driver immediately after he exited the vehicle.

Travis ELIAS, age 35 of Langley, was found guilty on two counts of Possession of Stolen Property. Earlier this year on January 16th, he was sentenced to 32.5 months jail. Additionally he was given a lifetime prohibition for Firearms.

Police are asking victims or recent property crime to peruse the photographs of the recovered stolen property to see if something may have been stolen from you. If you do see an item belonging to you, please call the Langley RCMP Stolen Property Recovery line and leave a message with your name and contact information. The phone number is 604-532-3398. One of the investigators will contact you in the very near future.

Only the items pictured remain of the entire seizure. Nothing else was seized.