Proudly Serving Canada for 50 Years

In 1963, the RCMP began its Auxiliary Constable Program to enhance community policing and crime prevention initiatives. Today, there are more than 2,000 Auxiliary Constables nation-wide, nearly half of whom serve in British Columbia. Auxiliary Constables are specially-trained volunteers who complement regular RCMP police officers, dedicating countless hours to the communities in which they serve.

50th Anniversary coin showing RCMP crest on one side and various Auxiliary Constable activities on reverse50th Anniversary

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the program, Crime Prevention Services at National Headquarters in Ottawa held a competition for Auxiliary Constables to design a commemorative coin. The winning design was created by Aux./Cst. Trevor Absolon serving at West Shore Detachment in the Greater Victoria area.

Auxiliary Constable Trevor AbsolonThe coin touches on many aspects of being an Auxiliary Constable: multiculturalism, youth programs, bicycle patrols, traffic direction, and assisting the elderly. The figures and activities represented on the reverse face of this design are all based upon persons, activities, or events that I have had the opportunity to personally experience or learn about as a proud and actively serving Auxiliary Constable, says Absolon.

This coin will be distributed to all active Auxiliary Constables in this milestone year to recognize their contributions.

A partnership for crime prevention

The mandate of the Auxiliary Constable Program is to strengthen community and police partnerships by providing citizens an opportunity to get involved and support strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of, crime and disorder.

Two Auxiliary Constables on bike partol at community eventThe Auxiliary Constable Program in BC is a partnership between the provincial Ministry of Justice and the RCMP. Auxiliaries have deep roots in their community and are, therefore, invaluable liaisons between the community and the police. They complement police officers in their work by assisting in crime prevention and community policing activities that support the RCMP strategic priorities:

  • Youth Strategies – e.g. WITS, DARE, youth camps, child identification programs
  • Economic Integrity – fraud awareness and counterfeiting education
  • Aboriginal Communities – working with youth

For further information about the Auxiliary Constable Program, visit the RCMP national website. Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal on striped ribbon

Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal for Auxiliary Constables

The RCMP values the contribution made by Auxiliary Constables to a safe and secure Canada. In April 2012, Auxiliary Constables became eligible to receive the Peace Officers Exemplary Service Medal (POESM) that recognizes Peace Officers who have served in an exemplary manner characterized by good conduct, industry, and efficiency.

Auxiliary Constable Karen SummersAuxiliary Constables are a valuable component of our organization and provide continuity with the many communities we serve, said Commissioner Paulson. I fully support the awarding of the POESM as a means to recognize our Auxiliary Constables for their twenty plus years of dedication, commitment, and exemplary service. I ask you to join me in congratulating them on receiving this recognition.

Auxiliary Constable Karen Summers, serving at Surrey Detachment, is one of many outstanding Auxiliary Constables being honoured with a POESM. She is pictured at the Award Ceremony held June 13, 2013 at RCMP E Division Headquarters receiving her medal and certificate from Deputy Commissioner Craig J. Callens, Commanding Officer, E Division RCMP.

Why become an Auxiliary? Karen said that she had always wanted to be a member of the RCMP, however, when she graduated from high school in 1970, women were not allowed in the RCMP. She therefore followed her other passion - music - and became a high school band teacher. In 1992, Karen's neighbour introduced her to the Auxiliary Constable Program. What do you mean, you can do that wonderful job and still maintain your career? she asked. Over the past twenty years her experience as an Auxiliary has truly been "the ultimate volunteer experience," Karen enthused.

To Become an Auxiliary Constable

To learn more about becoming an Auxiliary Constable, or to apply, contact your local RCMP detachment.