The RCMP Auxiliary Constable Program strengthens community and police partnerships by providing trained volunteers with the opportunity to perform a variety of authorized activities that enhance community policing and crime prevention initiatives.

Auxiliary badge

In BC, the Auxiliary Constable Program operates under the leadership of the RCMP Commanding Officer in partnership with the provincial Ministry of Justice.

Auxiliary Constables are trained and authorized to perform non-enforcement community policing and crime prevention activities such as:

  • community/special events
  • home and business safety checks, safety talks and activities
  • traffic and crowd control, 
  • disaster planning and emergency preparedness assistance
  • searches for lost persons
  • accompany RCMP Regular Members on patrol

Volunteers with peace officer status

RCMP Auxiliary Constables are volunteers who receive a BC Police Act Appointment as a sworn peace officer after completing the approved RCMP and Provincial Ministry of Justice training.

They are required to:

  • maintain RCMP security clearance standards, and
  • must complete a minimum of 160 hours annually.

Auxiliary Constables:

  • are not employees
  • are covered by WorkSafe BC and insurance provided by the Province of British Columbia against accidental death and dismemberment, and civil liability.


The RCMP provides an Auxiliary Constable with a uniform. The most identifiable markings are

  • the shoulder flashes and patches which state the words Auxiliary/Auxiliaire, and
  • the forge cap band is blue in color.


Auxiliary Constable Recruits must complete the Ministry of Justice Auxiliary/Reserve Constable Training Curriculum that includes physical, theory-based and practical training. There are also a number of RCMP training courses that must be completed.

Their training includes subjects such as:

  • law and police procedures, e.g. Criminal Code of Canada, Provincial Statutes, court room procedures
  • effective communications and presentation skills
  • officer safety training
  • police techniques, e.g. evidence protection, hand cuffing, arrest, etc.
  • community policing and crime prevention activities

Continuous learning opportunities are provided to Auxiliary Constables, ensuring their skills and knowledge are kept current during their Appointment in the program.

Interested in becoming an Auxiliary Constable?

  • The basic requirements are listed on the national RCMP Auxiliary Constable Program page.
  • Your local detachment may have additional requirements, contact the detachment for details on how to apply.