In 1963, the RCMP began its Auxiliary Constable Program to enhance community policing and crime prevention initiatives. Auxiliary Constables are specially-trained volunteers who complement regular RCMP police officers, dedicating countless hours to the communities in which they serve.

A partnership for crime prevention

The mandate of the Auxiliary Constable Program is to strengthen community and police partnerships by providing citizens an opportunity to get involved and support strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of, crime and disorder.

Two Auxiliary Constables on bike partol at community eventThe Auxiliary Constable Program in BC is a partnership between the provincial Ministry of Justice and the RCMP. Auxiliaries have deep roots in their community and are, therefore, invaluable liaisons between the community and the police. They complement police officers in their work by assisting in crime prevention and community policing activities that support the RCMP strategic priorities:

  • Youth Strategies
  • Economic Integrity
  • Aboriginal Communities

For further information about the Auxiliary Constable Program, visit the RCMP national website.

To Become an Auxiliary Constable

To learn more about becoming an Auxiliary Constable, or to apply, contact your local RCMP detachment.