Traffic Section to Focus on High Risk Behaviours at High-Frequency Collision Locations

Prince George, Traffic Services

2016-07-05 10:20 PDT

The Traffic Services Section of the Prince George RCMP is committed to reducing the number of collisions at high-risk locations within the City of Prince George. Utilizing 2013 data derived from our partners at ICBC, the RCMP looked at all collisions that occurred at these high-frequency locations.

The Top 10 locations in Prince George where collisions occurred most-frequently are:

In 2013, 21% of our total collisions occurred at these locations, as well as 21% of our casualty collisions occurred at these locations. The Prince George RCMP believe these intersections are still the top locations of high-frequency collisions.

In order to reduce the number of collisions at these high-frequency locations and increase safety for all road users in Prince George, the Traffic Services Section will be focusing our daily efforts on these locations. The contributing factors to casualties at these collisions are:

Officers will be targeting these activities.

Although the enforcement focus will be on these locations it will not be limited to these locations. The Prince George RCMP recognize that traffic safety is important in all areas that we police, areas that include other parts of Prince George and rural communities outside of the City.

The RCMP cannot be everywhere at once, so we rely on the public to help increase traffic safety. If you see a dangerous or impaired driver, pull over and call 9-1-1.

If you see a traffic violation and want to make a report, please call our non-emergency line at 250-561-3300. In order to issue a violation ticket under BC’s Motor Vehicle Act, police require a formal statement and your willingness to attend court. Make note of the time, date & location of the offence, the license plate of the offending vehicle, direction of travel and a general description of the incident. If police are provided with a statement & your willingness to attend court, investigators can follow-up with the registered owner of the vehicle and issue them a violation ticket. We cannot do this without your witness account.

The Traffic Services Section is committed to increasing road-user safety, while decreasing the number of collisions at high-frequency locations within the City of Prince George.

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Prince George RCMP
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