RCMP release audio recording in virtual kidnapping scheme


2017-12-21 10:18 PST

(Chinese Version) - 皇家骑警(RCMP)发布虚拟绑架案件系列的相关录音

The Lower Mainland RCMP is warning the public about an extortion and fraud scheme that continues to deceive victims into believing that they, or their loves, are in trouble.

Since July, when the RCMP first became aware of the extortion scheme, complaints continue to be reported to police and the nature of incidents appear to be evolving. See July news release - Virtual Kidnapping.

Investigators believe that the calls are randomly disseminated until they reach a Chinese-speaking victim. Once a connection is made, the suspects quickly shape the scheme to suit the victim’s personal details through a series of questions posed to the victim.

Victims of the various schemes initially receive an automated call in Mandarin from what appears to be a phone number associated to the Chinese Consulate. If they respond to the call, they speak to person purporting to be a Government representative or police officer and the scheme then unfolds. The schemes are designed to make the victims believe they are in some way implicated in an investigation in China and are convinced to pay an amount of money for the issue to be resolved. In some of the cases, as we have seen in the Virtual Kidnappings, victims are being instructed to isolate themselves and avoid the Canadian police. When they do so, their families in China are contacted and extorted for the return of their loves ones.

In order to educate the public in understanding how this scheme is introduced, the RCMP is releasing a Chinese-language audio recording of one the automated calls used by the suspects. Should the public receive one of these automated calls, they should not engage with the suspects and simply hang up. If they have concerns, they can contact the Consulate General directly themselves.

Translation of Automated Voice Message - Transcript

这里是中国大使馆通知你, 您有一份文件尚未领取已达多天请携带相关证件过来领取否则将于今日到期。如需咨询请按1 安一流为您人工服务。

This is a notice from Chinese Embassy. You have a document has not been collected for a few days. Please bring relevant identifications while attending the Embassy. Today is the last day to collect. If you need further inquiry, press one. An yiliu will provide you with human service.

The RCMP wishes to recognize the continuing cooperation of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China which has assisted greatly in broadcasting warnings to the Chinese community throughout the Lower Mainland over the course of this investigation.

An RCMP police officer who can converse in Mandarin will also be available for media interviews.

Released by:

S/Sgt. Annie Linteau
Senior Media Relations Officer
"E" Division Communication Services
14200 Green Timbers Way, Surrey, B.C. V3T 6P3 - Mailstop #1608
Office No.: 778-290-2929
Fax No.: 778-290-6114
Email: annie.linteau@rcmp-grc.gc.ca


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