September is a time for safe driving reminders near school zones

Comox Valley

2019-09-20 14:54 PDT

Comox Valley, B.C. – With school back in session, September is a good month to remind motorists throughout the Comox Valley to use extra caution while driving in school zones

The increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic in school zones creates more congestion on roadways which requires drivers to be more vigilant. All motorists should be familiar with the bright yellow signage to indicate schools and school playgrounds are near. Safe driving in school zones is important to avoid car accidents, personal injuries and to protect children.

The beginning of the school years is always a busy time in and around schools. Until we get back into the routine of reducing speeds in school zones, we need to keep reminding the community to be cautious, shared Tom Demeo, Superintendent of Schools. School year start-up procedures should also include a review of the rules of the road with children.

The speed limit in a school zone, unless otherwise posted, is 30 km/h between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday throughout the school year from September to the end of June. The speed limit near a playground is 30 km/h from dawn to dusk everyday of the year.

It is reasonable to assume that students will be at school or in the school playgrounds outside of the regular school hours, meaning that drivers need to reduce speed and be vigilant when driving near a school zone at all times of the day.

Children may be unable to see oncoming traffic due to a parked vehicle in a school zone or along roadways and may be unsure of proper safety procedures. Obstruction and other distractions can put a child at increased risk of an accident with a motor vehicle.

The RCMP remind parents and families to teach children a safe route to and from school. Dress children in bright colours to be noticeable, especially in the evening and when the weather is poor. Always use a marked crosswalk and look both ways before crossing. Most importantly, students are reminded to focus. Put down electronics and other distractions and keep eyes on vehicles and drivers before stepping out onto the street.

Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility. We all have a role to play not only in obeying the speed limits but teaching road safety to children, added Monika Terragni, RCMP. Keep your head up and your phone down.


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