Meet North Cowichan Duncan RCMP’s new recruit, Mira

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2020-05-07 11:52 PDT

Cst. Tom Peters of the North Cowichan Duncan RCMP has made his new recruit sit in the back of his police vehicle since she started her training. It’s not a rite of passage or having to prove her worth, though. Her kennel won’t fit in the front seat.

Police Service Dog-in-training Mira started working with Cst. Peters in September 2019, when she was just two months old. It is the first step in a long process for a puppy to become a fully trained police service dog. Cst. Peters completed a course on how to do the training at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta, where all RCMP dogs and handlers start their training. Next, he brought Mira home for crate training, bonding, and learning how to get along well in public.

Then I started training with her that is specific to police duties, Cst. Peters says. I do basic stuff like teaching her how to track using food as a reward. She progresses to the point where she can track someone for about 100 metres.

Mira the police service dog-in-training

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Cst. Peters enjoys the work with Mira, and has made sacrifices for the program. I introduce her to aggression training, which is biting, says Cst. Peters. I do things like put on the big body suits and take bites. She is getting better at catching me now, which wasn’t so bad until she grew in her adult teeth!

When Mira is about a year and a half, she will go back to the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre to hone her skills. She will work with an experienced handler for training in the specific tasks needed to help police keep Canadians safe in their communities. The work that Cst. Peters does right now with Mira gives her a strong base in order to help her later training be effective. If she passes all of her training, she will transfer to an RCMP police dog service unit somewhere in Canada.

Right now, Mira can’t respond to a lot of calls, but nearby detachments have trained police dogs who attend the North Cowichan / Duncan area. West Shore RCMP and Nanaimo RCMP have fully-trained police service dog units who assist throughout the area with locating missing person, break and enters files, weapons calls, and other investigations as needed, ensuring that the area is always covered in an emergency. If police on duty assess that a response from a police service dog is needed, their handlers can be reached day or night.

More information about the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre can be found here.

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