Victims and Survivors of Crime Week in the Comox Valley

Comox Valley

2020-11-24 11:35 PST

Victims and Survivors of Crime Week is about raising awareness regarding issues that victim and survivors of crime face, the services and programs available to them and laws in place to help them and their families.

Throughout Canada, countless dedicated people work with victims and survivors of crime every day. At the Comox Valley RCMP Detachment, there are two members dedicated to working with victims of some of the most serious crimes – the Special Victims Unit.

The Special Victims Unit in the Comox Valley investigates reports of high-risk domestic violence, sex related offences, and crimes involving children. These members have specialized skills and training to ensure these reports are handled with care and investigated thoroughly. They work hand-in-hand with other local service providers (some listed below) and criminal justice professionals to provide information and meaningful support to victims, survivors and their families as they navigate the criminal justice system here in the Comox Valley.

Between October 1, 2019 and October 31, 2020, there were 846 reports related to domestic violence in the Comox Valley. These reports include partner assaults, disputes in which no assault has occurred, ongoing abuse within a relationship or an offence which does not include an assault.
Violence within relationships has distinctive dynamics not found in other violent crimes. Typically, the number of people who come forward to police are only a small fraction of the larger population that have experienced sexualized or domestic violence.

The following services are available here in the Comox Valley:

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