A Word of Thank You

The men and women of the RCMP in BC take great pride in providing professional service to the communities they serve. It is reassuring for them to hear that they have made a difference in someone's life. If you have had a good experience with one of our RCMP members, units or detachments, we encourage you to email us about it in the official language of your choice at bcrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

Grand Forks 2020-10-20

Letter of thanks from Jeannette Gerard to Grand Forks detachment member

Commanding Officer
Grand Forks Detachment
Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0

Dear Sir,

My name is Jeannette Gerard. I had the privilege of being the beneficiary of the care of one of your officers, Nicky Gnost today. Just outside of Princeton, BC, she stopped to help me with my vehicle which was experiencing mechanical issues. She escorted me to the nearest Kal Tire service center and made sure I was well taken care of before she left to go on her way. I was totally surprised by this service.

I am very impressed by her compassion and solicitude.

Thank you very much for her service!


Jeannette Gerard

Lytton 2020-10-17

On September 12th, I was staying in Shaw Springs with friends. An incident occurred there where apparently a young woman was physically removed from a transport truck and left with her belongings in the parking lot at Shaw Springs. She felt she had broken her arm and, as a retired nurse, I attempted to help her sling her arm and briefly checked on her condition. My friend and I called 911 and thought an ambulance was needed to transport the young woman to hospital. Before the ambulance could arrive, the young woman with her male friend decided to get in a car with a gentleman who offered them a ride to the hospital in Lytton. We cancelled the ambulance but an RCMP Constable came to Shaw Springs to determine what had taken place.

I would like to commend the Constable who talked to us and took our statements. In this time of heavy criticism of the police, I feel it important to give praise and thanks to the police for their difficult jobs. The Constable who talked to us was very calm and professional in his approach. In taking our statements, I felt he asked us pertinent questions which helped in our recollection of the individuals involved. He was very polite and approachable, making us feel comfortable discussing the situation with him. It is people like this Constable who are good representatives for the police.

I hope you will convey our thanks to Constable N. Blair and commend him for his professional approach to members of the public.


Elizabeth P.

Langley 2020-09-14

Thank you very much to the Officer that helped a juvenile raccoon at 5451 204 st in Langley this morning. (Sorry I didn’t get his name.)

He did an excellent job of corralling and containing a small raccoon that had been hit by a car and then helped me transfer it to a carrier so it could be taken to Critter Care Wildlife Society’s clinic on 216th.

He was patient and kind with the people that gathered around while he waited for the CCWS rescue vehicle to arrive to collect the injured animal and was a pleasure to work with.



Tofino 2020-08-12

Hi, My name is Teresa Bryla and my husband, Charlie, and I lost our beautiful son, Chase. Our son lived in Victoria but went to Tofino and took his life on August 14, 2016. It has taken my husband and I four years to be able to go to Tofino and I am writing to you because your member, Constable Chad Kisby, of Tofino, who was on duty that day when Chase took his life, was also on duty when we arrived in Tofino last week for what was the hardest journey any parent could take, we didn't know if we would be able to but we wanted to try. We had hoped that Cst. Kisby would provide us with a map so we could try and find the location where our son took his life.

There are truly no words my husband and I can use to describe the utmost compassion, caring and professionalism shown to us by this wonderful police officer, who not only took us to the trail but walked with us to the location and left us to mourn the loss of our beautiful son. When we emerged from the trail sometime later, Cst. Kisby was there, he wanted to ensure we were able to find our way back and that we were okay. The emotions were overwhelming but seeing Cst. Kisby there, was like seeing an angel, and his kindness and compassion extended to us at such a heartbreaking time for us, we just feel that what he did for us, our family and our friends, is so above and beyond the expected service that I am hoping there is some way that we can repay him. I am writing this e-mail in the hope that although what Cst. Kisby did that day may not be considered an act of heroism, to us it was so profound that we know without him and his guidance, compassion and care, we could not have made the journey we did, we needed to do, but know now we never could have done it on our own. The peace that Cst. Kisby provided to our family is a gift to us that we will be eternally grateful for.

Sharing our story with friends and family of what Cst. Kisby did for us that day has brought out the very best in people, and his act of going above and beyond to help us has truly left everyone with the highest respect and impression of what a difference the RCMP can make. If there is any way that you can help us in some very small way repay Cst. Kisby for what he did for our family, please let me know. I tried to find the e-mail address of the RCMP commissioner because I would like her to know that Cst. Kisby is the best of what we hope our RCMP embody.

Thank you

British Columbia 2020-08-05

I'm writing to commend Officer Ostrom, badge # 114884 (Upper Fraser Valley Reg RCMP) on his highly impressive professionalism.

Officer Ostrom rightfully stopped me and ticketed me for going over the speed limit on the BC 1. While doing it, Officer Ostrom gave me a master class in communication. He did not talk at me or talk down to me.  Rather, he spoke to me more like a concerned relative or friend. I was rushing to the airport to drop off my girlfriend, hence the rush. In very simple terms he showed me that by speeding, I was sabotaging the very same purpose of my journey because I was endangering it altogether by driving at an unsafe speed. His friendly and calm demeanor was especially remarkable given how incredibly hot it was on that day.

As an African Canadian man, I haven't always had the best experiences with law enforcement. Officer Ostrom taught me that law enforcement is not always 'out to get you'. Much more often than not, they are ensuring your safety. His words will always reverberate with me whenever I get the urge to speed. No more self-sabotage. Thank you for restoring my faith.

Great job Officer Ostrom! The world needs more of you!


Surrey 2020-07-15

I'd like to give a shout out to Cst. Lu from Surrey detachment. I was involved in a fender bender the other night and he appeared in minutes out of nowhere without a call from any of us. Thank you for immediately blocking traffic to ensure our safety. Your calm and reassuring approach helped us all get organized and back on our way safely. What might be a routine call for you, made a big difference to us all.

V. Law

Langley 2020-07-14

Murrayville is a lovely community, and many of us living here are seniors who enjoy our neighborhood and the safety of our homes.

We walk past the Langley RCMP detachment here many times a week with our Sheltie, and see members going onto shift, or coming off of their shifts which we know are 12 hours long.

We thank the RCMP for their dedication to work which is often difficult and even more so during these different times. We appreciate all you do!

Sharon, Mike and Lily

Traffic Services 2020-07-14

A letter and card with two bags of homemade cookies. One card has painting of the Canada flag and  three blue hearts beside it. Two handwritten cards and two bags of homemade cookies. One card has drawings of flowers. Second card has blue hand prints and a rainbow.

Dear RCMP, Our family heard that some people are having challenges being kind to you. We have heard the news and read newspapers. We strongly believe in you! In your work and devotion to the public, we believe you help Canada be better and protect our communities, our interactions with the RCMP have been warm and welcoming.

This time remember: We have your back! We appreciate your work and believe in all of you.

From: Citizens, a family. Jordon, Georgina & Ethan.

We are all Canada. Thank you for your service RCMP!  

We are all Canada. Thinking of you! All the great people on the RCMP. June, 2020

This is my handprint it says: Hi! to the police. -  Ethan 3 years old.

Police officers I Love you.  - Ethan, 3 years old. June 2020

Card with water colour painting and pen drawing by a young child. It depicts the ocean, sun  and fish.

A joke to make them happy: "How does the ocean say Hi? It waves."
"Sorry for the people doing bad choices" -  Ethan, 3 years old.

Richmond 2020-07-08

It really upsets me to see such a widespread vilification of police forces as we see today. I want to simply thank you for the terrific job you do in my community in Richmond, BC. Our streets and trails are safe thanks to your dedicated work, and when I am asked what makes this city such I great place to live in, I always add: the Mounties have our back!

Cheers to y’all.

Paulo Sgarbi

Fort St. John 2020-07-07

I just wanted to reach out and in some way give a big huge thumbs up to Cst. M. Marshall at the Fort. St. John detachment. He truly deserves more than I can do right now being in the medical field and dealing with our current circumstance.

Not only was he very quick with handling my case but he really took the time to listen to me when nobody else would. He explained my options in great detail and made sure I was with him on every step of the way.

Cst. Marshall was very thorough and understanding of my issue and it was dealt with so efficiently. I cannot express how comfortable I feel knowing we have such wonderful and outstanding RCMP officers here in our small town.

with so much gratitude,

Penticton, 2020-07-03

Penticton RCMP,

We want to thank the Penticton RCMP for a truly fabulous birthday celebration for Mom’s 100th birthday June 30th. She was thrilled to see and hear the procession of vehicles and personnel. She especially loved the stuffed bear given to her.

Thanks again,
Wendy and Tom Dolynuk

Castlegar, 2020-06-25


Thank you for all that you have done, and for all that you are now doing during these ... uncertain times.

We know all you've ever wanted is to make the world a better place, your way of expressing that was to become a police officer. There is an unseen force threatening to put our world into the greatest depression it has ever seen. The third world is suffering like never before and the second class hit harder than ever imagined. We love and respect you brothers and sisters in this human experience.

Remember the world you love, the world you vowed to protect when you made the noble choice of becoming police officers, because that world is being threatened to be taken away from all of us. You play an intricate part in this beautiful experience of life. Your decisions hold so much power, (again thank you for all that you Do) meaning that your rewards will be great when the best person that you are, your highest selves, dictates what it means to you, to be a police officer. We're all in this together and there is more love for you and us all than we realize. Love is all that exists; the rest is just searching for healing. We have your backs because you have ours.

(This letter was left at the side door of Castlegar RCMP)

South Okanagan 2020-06-22

Someone once said that, silence is golden. It is also a tragedy when the world seems to fill with cries of systemic racism, police brutality, and Black lives matter. While I am all for a peaceful, law abiding society, my silence might indicate that I support all of the above. I want to apologize for not speaking up and maintaining that illusion. While each is a worthy cause, our local police are not to blame.

I want to speak up with a Huge THANK YOU to our South Okanagan RCMP. While I do not know the everyday ins-and outs of policing, I am certain that these brave men and women, do not start their days by saying, I wonder who I can hurt today? Unlike many professions, taking on an assignment is not an option, it is an order.

Thank you for leaving your families each day when you go to work, knowing you might not come home. Thank you for being there when a son daughter, mom or dad go missing. Thank you for having the courage to knock on a stranger’s door and investigate a complaint or tell the occupants that a loved one has died.

Thank you for checking on the elderly person who hasn’t been seen for a while. Thank you for responding when our elderly neighbour, now deceased, called 911 to report strangers in her yard with flashlights shining them in her window. Two cars responded with lights and sirens. While you were there, a flash of lightning caused her to say, There they are again. Thank you for making her feel safe and not adding to her embarrassment.

Thank you for responding to the frivolous, and serious complaints all with an attitude of non-judgmental professionalism. Thank you for not quitting with every public complaint you get for just doing your job. Thank you for being willing to investigate crimes that the thought of would nauseate the rest of us. Thank you for not smoking pot even though you could. Thank you for running into harm’s way when there are real threats to public safety.

Thank you for your patience with unruly teens, even when they spit in your face (few and far between, but it happens). Thank you for being moms and dads who bring that compassion to your work. Thank you for being willing to pick up the pieces when our society breaks. Thank you for having nightmares so the rest of us can dream. I guess more than ever, thank you for doing an often thank-less job.


Grant Bogyo 

Source: Castanet News

White Rock 2020-06-18

two officers holding hands of a civilian walking down pier

On Thursday (2020-06-18) evening at 1945hrs my family was celebrating an early Father's Day at the White Rock pier. As we reached the end of the pier we saw two RCMP members approach an obvious special needs male who was seated there. After a short exchange both officers offered him a hand, which he took with a smile, and they then escorted him back to shore. They kept holding his hand for the length of the walk back, which elicited numerous smiles and positive comments from the crowd there that night. Both officers displayed commendable patience and compassion for this man and, especially in these trying times with so much vitriol directed at police, showed the public what is at the heart of police work, a desire to help those in need.

Please pass on a "well done" to the members involved.

Amnon Lichtmann

Kelowna 2020-06-15

I have been meaning to send this for a while.

I was involved in a serious single car crash early this year. Thankfully, I was not hurt but I was shaken up and did not know what to do. Your officer 63191, Constable Lamont came to the location.

He was very kind and extremely helpful. I really appreciated his assistance!

Wayne Jones  

Nanaimo 2020-06-07

On Friday June 5th at approximately 7-7:30pm, my peers and I were walking back from the Black Lives Matter protest in Maffeo Sutton Park when we were approached by one of your constables. Constable Bruxton-Carr asked us in a genuinely interested manner what we thought of the protest and everything that is happening; moreover, he gave us the opportunity to ask multiple questions in return.

I as well as my friends had a vey positive experience being able to interact with a police officer who seemed genuine in his curiosity of our concerns. I would like to commend Constable Bruxton-Carr for his understanding, patience, and time. Although some things were not seen eye-to-eye, it was still very insightful to hear from someone who represents the police force. We were also given the opportunity to provide our personal recommendations and opinions which may or may not have/will be passed along. It is my opinion that more positive interactions like the one on Friday will give the public a better insight into those who are there to protect us, as well allow us to feel that our voices/concerns are being received.

Thank you for your time,
E. Rowe

Kelowna 2020-05-18

On February 15th, a bracelet of mine went missing in the security screening area of the Vancouver airport. It was valuable monetarily, but most importantly because it was a gift from my son for my 70th birthday.

I reported the theft to the RCMP and quickly got a call from Corporal Hilary Lu at the Richmond Detachment. Within two days, having followed the investigative path and having been in touch with the person who took the item, he began the long process of trying to retrieve it.

The person in question claimed to have given the bracelet to someone else during his travels and that it ended up in Texas.

In the midst of the COVID 19 crisis, Corporal Lu, with exactly the perfect balance of firmness, encouragement and persuasion convinced that person to arrange for shipment of my bracelet from Texas to the detachment.

Corporal Lu maintained regular contact, both with me and the person in question. He was empathic and persistent, sensitive to the sentimental nature of my loss. I am sure there were larger files for which he was responsible but he was determined to resolve this one.

On May 11th, I opened a package from the Richmond Detachment and inside was the bracelet that had been taken three months earlier. It was the skill and patience of Corporal Lu hat created this wonderful outcome and words could never express how grateful I am.

Mickey Patryluk (Ms)
Kelowna, BC


BC 2020-04-29

Dear members and staff of the RCMP,

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for everything you do for us here in Canada. Lately it seems
as though the RCMP as well as other law enforcement organizations receive negative criticism all too easily, especially following terrible acts of violence and crime by others in our country? I for one sincerely appreciate the sacrifice, bravery and hard work shown by your members and staff when
faced with these unprecedented incidents.

Keep up the amazing job, and thanks.

Best regards,

Chris Alexander

Revelstoke 2020-03-11

Good morning Cst. Freeling

I want to thank you again for how well you treated me last Sunday night in Revelstoke and the level of respect you gave me even though I was in a bad place with my actions and was not abiding by the law. In my opinion you could have not done a better job with assessing the situation, stopping the crime and preventing future infractions.

I have been in trouble with drinking and driving before and although it has been a long time I know I won’t be in trouble for it again. Thanks to you and your co-worker That night. My apologies I never got her name. Your words of encouragement, understanding and concern were very considerate and heard loud and clear.

I will be back in Revelstoke in April to get my truck, this summer for our annual camping trip and of course next winter to snowmobile. If you see my truck please pull me over so I can thank you again in person. I don’t think you will forget what it looks like. You and your detachment are a huge factor in what makes Revelstoke the most amazing city in Canada.

I appreciate your help,

Surrey 2020-02-21

A school project on Canadian icons meant an invite for Sgt. Martin Guay to his daughter's class. Thank you Ms. Porter!

Sgt. Martin Guay speaking to a class of kids

Dear Mr. Guay

Thank you for coming into our class in your RCMP uniform. We loved learning about the RCMP. We also loved the gifts you brought for us.

Love Div. 20

hand drawn card of mountie and thankyou note

Midway 2020-02-10

I wanted to share this with you as Constable Simon Bentley deserves this story to be shared. I know so often RCMP officers can be intimidating or painted negatively by media. This is a story of a good man sharing his knowledge and touching lives in a positive way...who also happens to be a fantastic RCMP officer in our little community.

Before becoming an RCMP member, Constable Bentley was a black seal chef. Not only could he run a kitchen, he could manage the restaurant too. At one time he and his team made meals for the Rocky Mountaineer train company. He approached me last fall with an idea to host a cooking competition in my Food Studies class I teach Home Ec and PE at Boundary Central Secondary in Midway, BC. Having an experienced chef offer this experience was a no brainer...and so the planning began.

For the month of January, Constable Bentley spent 3 classes per week in my Food Studies 11/12 class teaching, demonstrating and involving my 10 students in the art of pasta making. He brought bags of fresh ingredients including different cheeses, a selection of meats and seafood and vegetables. Immediately they delved into fresh pasta making, followed by fillings, sauces, and flavourings. Under Constable Bentley’s tutelage, they learned everything they needed to adjust flavours and prepare themselves for the final project: a pasta competition.

Cst. Bentley preparing a cooking demonstration in class and speaking in front of students in unform.

The learning was immense. Constable Bentley guided them on how to pair different herbs and spices with ingredients to enhance their flavours. He encouraged them to sample foods they had previously decided they didn’t like. He brought students up to the demonstration table and had them help with the preparation of different recipes. He encouraged food safety and stressed the importance of keeping a clean workspace. He taught them how to believe in themselves and trust they could create something delicious (not from a box). He empowered them.

On the last day of class, each student prepared a dish for our three guest judges to taste. They worked independently of each other to make the fresh pasta by hand, mix sauces and fillings and plate their creation in an appealing way. He approached local businesses for donations and had small kitchen appliances and medals for first, second and third place. The students were hooked from his first visit to the final presentation of the winners.

More than the learning of pasta, was the positive connection he made with each of my students. Constable Bentley was already very involved in our school as the liaison officer. He has talked to the students about bullying and the new laws around marijuana use. He has come to our school if there has been any threat to the students’ safety. The students know him. The students respect him. But in his role as chef, my students saw a different side of him and now each of them feels they have another adult in our community who cares about them and who they can approach to talk to about anything. During our Grads vs Dads hockey game he was invited to stand in as a dad. That alone speaks volumes.

The pasta competition ended over two weeks ago and every time his vehicle pulls up someone in my class notices and asks if he’s coming back to teach us something different. Today he parked outside my classroom window and a student opened our tiny window to say hello. He’s made an impact. It will be a sad day when Constable Bentley finishes his posting with us, but until that day, we will cherish who he is and what he brings to our community.

Thank you for recruiting such a wonderful member to your force and for the stars to align so that our community will forever be touched by Constable Bentley’s generosity and genuine desire to make a difference.

J. Macfarlane
Boundary Central Secondary

Langford 2019-12-19

On December 19th I was pulled over for having expired insurance. I had never been pulled over before and was mortified to find out I had been driving without insurance since midnight that day. I am also pregnant and experiencing fairly significant morning sickness.

I was not at my best and the officer that pulled me over blew me away. He was compassionate yet firm. It was obvious his goal is on public safety ‑ not shaming drivers. He was very clear with me what the potential repercussions could be associated with this. I had also (for whatever reason) not taken my driver’s licence with me.

I was really not at my best and am typically a very responsible driver ‑ one would have to be to not be pulled over by the age of 35! He gave me a ticket for failing to produce my license and supported me to ensure I immediately got insurance on the vehicle.

Our city (Langford) is very fortunate to have men and women like this officer serving our community. His compassion and presence taught me a much greater lesson than multiple tickets and punishment could have.

I absolutely should have known better but because of the way this incident turned out, I am certain I will never let my insurance lapse again. Thank you officer for making our Christmas and keeping our community safe.

Sincerely Lisa, Sam, and baby Wall.

Burnaby 2019-12-03

I would like Constable Juan Rojas of Burnaby RCMP and his supervisors to know he is a credit to your department and the RCMP as a whole. I worked with him some time ago at Burnaby hospital with a mental health patient. I had personally spent almost 30 minutes with the patient as an emergency physician but was struggling to verbally de-escalate the situation. Constable Juan Rojas was phenomenal, with his demeanour and softly spoken voice he soon got the patient to agree to the situation and we avoided the need for any physical or chemical restraints. Having been an emergency physician for 10 years I have never had this help offered before and I have worked in many countries with many different police forces.

I hope our paths will cross again some day and I look forward to working with Juan in the future.

Best Wishes
Neil Long
Emergency Physician Burnaby Hospital

West Shore 2019-09-04

Extreme gratitude to Constables Heather and Darren, of Westshore Detatchment, Victoria, BC, who rescued me and my little dog from the middle of nowhere in Thetis Lake Park last night. I am so very, very grateful.

Julie Elizabeth

Mission 2019-08-16

I am writing to thank you and your officers on duty for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend and speak with my neighbours about their loud music in the very early hours of the morning on several occasions these past few weeks.

Your presence helped restore peace to my living situation and has made a real difference in a positive way. I understand your officers have more important life threatening situations to deal with but I want you to know how deeply appreciative I am that officers were despatched to investigate each and every time I called just to check in on the situation.

Thank you so much again. R. H.

100 Mile House 2019-07-10

We are writing to express our deepest gratitude for the 100 Mile RCMP's assistance. On the morning of June 21, I arrived at the lake for a weekend of relaxation, to find that the cabin had been broken into, and a large trailer had been left on the access road. After making my way back to Forest Grove, I contacted the RCMP.

I spoke to the dispatch agent, who was wonderfully thorough in her questioning. She also was very reassuring and patient.

That afternoon, the RCMP coordinated to have Constable Ziemer accompany me back out to the property. Given that the property is an hours drive out of town, 45 minutes out of cell service, checking out the cabins independently was not something I was comfortable with.

He spent hours diligently searching each cabin and the abandoned trailer to assess the break-ins and ensure no one was remaining on the premises. Constable Ziemer also efficiently coordinated with the RCMP office to have a tow company out to remove the trailer from the road. Not an easy feat, given that our directions often resemble something like ?turn right at the big rock, past the clump of trees?.

Following this, the 100 Mile RCMP team has been in communication with us, regarding recovered items. We have been so thrilled to have recovered anything at all.

Spending so much time out of town, I?ve often wondered what the response would be, should we ever need emergency services. Following the fire evacuations last year, where we had officers come right down to the property to ensure we received the evacuation notice, we were already impressed. This situation though, has further brought to light how thorough and diligent the 100 Mile RCMP team is, and we are so grateful to have them looking out for us.

Thank you,

L. LeGear, G & M Donaldson

Nanaimo 2019-05-29

We understand that you are woefully understaffed (which the public should be made aware of) but your cars and laser speed guns were a very welcome sight along the highway. We have frequently been passed by vehicles driving far in excess of the posted limit. We have also received the "finger" quite often so we are thinking of putting a sign on our car that says "sorry, we drive the speed limit " We have often discussed that with a lottery win we would fund a dedicated traffic detail as one of our civic duties. Just wanted to give you our thanks for a difficult job well done. Hope to see you again soon on the highways.


L.E and D.L

Nanaimo 2019-04-26

The intent of this letter is to extend my sincere thanks to the Westshore RCMP Detachment. Last year members of your detachment responded to a 911 call that resulted in a number of charges being laid domestic assault, uttering threats and two subsequent breaches of an order. Yesterday afternoon the assailant plead guilty to all charges and was sentenced.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the Westshore RCMP for their care, concern, understanding and continued support over the past 7 months. Having served with the Canadian Forces for 23 years I recognize that the challenges your members face on a daily basis are often complex, frustrating and disturbing. I am sure there are many days their desire to serve and protect is often challenged as the work must often seem thankless. Their continued commitment however has had a profound impact for myself.

Please extend special thanks to Constable Baylin, Roy, and MacGregor, without their assistance, continued support and understanding I would have been far more challenged to accept, process, learn and grow from a very difficult experience. Thank you, the choice to serve with the RCMP positively impacts our entire community and I have and will continue to be a positive voice of support. Please remind all your members, their chosen career path does and will continue to positively impact individual lives daily.

With the Warmest Regard and Tremendous Respect,
R. Bird
Sending prayers you all remain Happy, Healthy and Safe

Kamloops 2019-02-26

Little smiling boy in fake police vest

So, today Jim and I where standing in the line up for the Walk-In Clinic today. Minutes after us waiting to be let in a police car rolls up and in goes one police man while there was another sitting in his car. The police officer in the car had seen Jim from inside his vehicle and started to talk to him saying 'Hi, how are you' and stuff like that. After he had warmed himself up to Jim he then asked Jim if he would like to see the 'Police Car?'. My boys eyes lit up so bright and said 'Really?! Yes!!'

The cop had then jumped out of his car letting Jim take front seat. The police man was showing Jim his whole car, including the big shot gun that was in the middle. The police officer asked Jim if he wanted to see something 'cool' then showed him this switch in the car and how to turn it on. He let Jim flip this switch and on goes the flashing lights! The two of them jumped out of the car to see the flashing lights that Jim turned on. Jim was so proud he did that himself, but not as proud as I was of him , lol! Curious little Jim asked to see the back of the car while being on the outside of the car, so in Jim went (after the police officer checked the backseat of course). Jim crawled in and sat down then asked the police officer 'come in with me'. So the police officer laughed and sat beside him. They had a little conversation and introduced themselves.

The police officer was so nice he even took a photo of us on his phone, because I had left mine in my car. I rarely hear of this happening just for the fun of it, but I am so glad it happened to my boy! Not only did Jim avoid waiting in the cold, he also got to take over a police car! He was so excited about what had just happened we went and bought him some Police gear at the store. Jim honestly used to be afraid of the police and thought they where mean, but now if you ask him I bet he will tell you he loves them.

The police man told me that he wishes he had the chance to do this more often with children so that they can feel safe with them and not afraid. I hope my boy remembers this day when he is older and it makes an impact on his future to do right. Hopefully we see more of this happening to other children!

Thank you Officer Howard for this experience! 

L. Ross

Whistler 2019-02-03

On Sunday, February 3, my son, was rescued from a potentially life-threatening situation northwest of Pemberton through the efforts of Corporals Witzke and Hamilton, and other members of your team working with them.

Corporal Jeff Witzke was my point of contact throughout the rescue effort. It needs to be said that Jeff was eminently professional and diligent in communicating with my wife and I. Throughout this harrowing ordeal, during which we naturally feared the worst for our son, Jeff provided the highest possible degree of reassurance and comfort. He continued to follow up with us even after the rescue, calling me personally to see whether our son had called home as he was leaving Pemberton enroute to his medical school rotation in Kamloops, where he is to spend the next two weeks serving at the hospital there.

This morning I spoke with Corporal Hamilton and learned that he was also heavily involved in the effort. I wish to commend these two fine members of your detachment and to say that they are a credit to your detachment and to the RCMP. I would also ask you that pass on our since appreciation to all of the other members involved in this rescue effort. Canadians like my wife and I are so very grateful for the work you folks do, day in and day out.

The Verdirame Family
Markham, Ontario

Scan of hand written letter with sea shells on the top of stationary

Queen Charlotte 2019-01-24

First of all, I apologize for not writing this thank you note sooner. I was away over Chistmas and then got sick. I don't know the names of the three members who formed an honour squad at my husband Bill's funeral but I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Bill would have been so proud. The twenty years he spent in the force were the happiest of his life and in his later years he regretted that he retired early.

Our posting from 1972 to 1975 in Queen Charlotte when we fell in love with Haida Gwai was the reason we returned in 1983 to spend the rest of our lives here.

There were so many positive comments at the funeral about your presence there and I think it is so important for the community to see police in different and supporting roles.

I am moving at the end of March to Sidney on Vancouver Island and a good omen is that there is a Mountie living on my street.

Once again thank you for your presence and kind words at Bill's funeral.

Karen R.

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