Can You Help Find Vehicles of Interest in Fatal Collision?


2017-04-20 10:30 PDT

File # 2017-2811

Coquitlam RCMP, and the family of a man who died in a fatal collision, are releasing photos and video to see if the public can help identify the drivers of four vehicles of interest.

At around 8:00pm on January 26, 2017, 51-year-old Sidney Bolwyn was walking in the 800 block of Austin Avenue when he was hit by a vehicle. Since that day, specialized investigative sections such as the Coquitlam RCMP Coordinated Collision Investigation Team (CCIT), RCMP Forensic Video Analysis Unit, RCMP Forensic Identification Services, and the Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service have all been working to bring closure for Bolwyn’s family.

Vehicles of interest

An unidentified Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) captured on security video.  The SUV appears to be a burnt orange colour

A white Mercedes GL sport utility vehicle captured on security video

A Volkswagen Jetta captured on security video

 A compact coupe or sedan captured on security video

Video analysis, crime scene reconstruction and vehicle determination techniques have led to four vehicles of interest: A mid-sized Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that police believe is burnt orange (the image was taken with infrared technology so the colour may be different than it appears), a grey Volkswagen Jetta, a white Mercedes GL SUV, and an unidentified smaller sedan or coupe.


No Audio

Security camera video shows a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) driving eastbound in the slow lane on Austin Avenue in Coquitlam on March 26, 2017, at about 7:55pm. The SUV is believed to be orange but the image is infrared so may not be as it appears.

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We still don’t understand how this happened to our dad, says Bolwyn’s daughter Amanda Romp, if the situation was reversed I would come forward to tell my story about what happened. I would want to help give that family closure.

Without the help of witnesses, or the driver who was involved in the collision, investigators can’t help Bolwyn’s family come to terms with their loss. The driver who was involved in this collision is carrying a heavy burden and police are open and interested in hearing his or her side of the story.

A special tip line has been set up for this file by Coquitlam RCMP CCIT. If you have any information, please call 778-290-5346.


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