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2017-11-23 12:13 PST

File # 2017-42793, 40845, 42554 & 42960


Technology can be a wonderful thing! Cheques are a thing of the past and people can send money over the phone…. Unfortunately, with everything good, there comes a little bad.

Langley RCMP has been made aware of a recent theft where an individual receives a text message indicating they have an incoming E-Transfer of money. Once the victim clicked on the link, it automatically went into her banking APP where the password was entered. After following the prompts, she received a message indicating the money would be deposited in her account in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, rather than a deposit, her entire bank account was emptied.

So, how do we protect ourselves? E-Transfers generally indicate a ‘sender’. If you find you are receiving money and there isn’t a name or business attached that you are expecting money from, do not follow the prompts. If you receive a transfer from someone you do know and weren’t expecting it, maybe just quickly check with them to ensure the transfer of funds is legitimate.

Rental Scam

In this instance, our victim responds to an advertisement on Craigslist for a rental property. After completing a rental agreement, he is told to E-Transfer the deposit in order to get the keys. Once the money is transferred, the victim attends the property only to be told the property was never for rent in the first place.

Police have located a possible bank account holder in Saskatchewan who is likely responsible for this scam and the investigation is ongoing.

Best advice here – no money should exchange hands until the property has been viewed and you have met with your new property manager….


Langley RCMP would like to remind the public refuse unscheduled maintenance workers entry to your home.

Recently, a male attended a residence in South Langley indicating he was there to service the gas powered appliances in the residence. He had an identification tag that was fairly illegible and indicated he was from a private company representing a larger gas corporation. Once the male was inside the home, the homeowner started to have concerns and asked the male to leave which he did.

Maintenance workers from utility companies will not arrive at your home without scheduling an appointment and more often than not, they will attend because YOU made the request. If this happens to you, do not allow them entry, insist on an employee number and call the company yourself to confirm their actually who they say they are.


More technology…. In this occurrence, a woman receives a call from what she believes to be her husband’s cell phone. She will later find out his phone has in fact, been ‘spoofed’. When she answers the phone, the caller identifies himself as a police officer, provides a badge number and indicates they are on a three way call with a CBSA.

The officer advised her husband had been taken into custody and needed nearly $5000 bail to secure his release. She is threatened with arrest if she doesn’t comply and is instructed to attend a Bitcoin ATM to withdraw the money. She follows the instructions and deposits the money through the WhatsAPP application.

She is then required to make additional deposits to ensure her husband will have no issues with border crossings in the future. There is a third demand for money and at that time the call is disconnected. Our victim becomes concerned and calls back at which point her husband answers the phone and advised he was sitting at home and had never been arrested in the first place.

Police agencies will not solicit money for bail to be paid through systems such as WhatsAPP, nor can bail be paid with bitcoin. Bail can only be paid at a Courthouse or a Police Station.

Bottom line with all of these events – ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

Verify who you are talking to by looking up the company contact information yourself and calling to confirm they did in fact send a representative to your home.

Meet with property managers face to face prior to sending any payment.

Don’t accept E-Transfers that you aren’t expecting.

And police don’t accept bail payments electronically or by the use of bitcoin

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