Imitation Airsoft Pistol Warrants Police Response


2017-03-29 11:23 PDT

File # Mission 2017-2886

In the early afternoon of March 18th, 2017, Mission RCMP and CFSEU-BC uniformed officers responded to a report of a male, who had produced a handgun near the 8400 block of Cedar Street, Mission. The male initially fled on foot from police and entered a nearby residence.

After only a few minutes, the male exited the residence under his own recognizance and surrendered himself to Police. The male was taken into police custody without incident. The male, who was known to Police, divulged that he had left an imitation airsoft pistol in the residence.

The residence that the male entered was later determined to be a frequently visited residence to which the male had access to. After searching the residence, Police located the imitation airsoft pistol.

black imitation airsoft pistol

Although airsoft guns are not illegal, altering or modifying an airsoft gun to replicate or imitate a firearm is illegal. It is a good idea to treat all airsoft guns with the same reasonable safety precautions as a real firearm. Possessing an airsoft gun in a public area possess a legitimate safety concern to both the public and the Police. [Constable James Mason, Media Relations Officer]

The male was later released from Police custody while the file is still under investigation; with charges against the male pending the outcome of the investigation.

Released by

Cst. James Mason

Media Relations Officer
Mission Detachment
7171 Oliver St, Mission, BC, V2V 6H2
Office: 604-820-3566
Cell: 604-316-0458


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