Stay safe while enjoying the water this summer

North Vancouver

2020-08-05 12:00 PDT

"There is nothing better than a dip in the ocean after a long hot day," said Sgt. Peter DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP. "And we have no shortage of opportunities for swimming in North Vancouver. But that relief comes with risks," he warned. "And we want everyone to be aware of those risks, and to take steps to mitigate them, whether it's while swimming, boating, or relaxing beside the river."

Each year, officers from the North Vancouver RCMP respond to reports of people who find themselves in danger around the water. in some cases, people have been seriously injured or killed as a result of those activities," said DeVries. "Each of them was preventable. We all need to work together as a community to curtail the sorts of behaviours that lead to tragedy."

RCMP are recommending following these tips to stay safe on the water:

Playing it safe on the water (Safety Tips):

Everyone who operates a power-driven pleasure craft must carry proof of competency on board. Proof of competency can be:

In addition to carrying proof of competency, boaters should also carry a piece of personal identification.

Additional Tips:

Drinking and driving, whether on land or water, is illegal and punishable under the Criminal Code. It is well known that drinking and taking to the water can lead to dangerous situations. Operators are responsible for the safety of their guests and should consider other users of the waterway.
Watch your speed. Speed is a major contributor to incidents on the water. Slow down.
Do not put your feet into fast moving water that is deeper than the length of your arm. If a foot becomes entrapped by rocky bottom in deep water, the current will eventually push the swimmer over face first into the water.
If you cannot swim stay out of the water.

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