Don’t let vehicle enjoyment lead to vehicle impoundment


2020-05-27 13:03 PDT

It’s the time of year again, as the warm, dry weather approaches, when car enthusiasts bring out their collector, vintage, and custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Surrey RCMP would like to remind car enthusiasts to ensure that showing off their prized vehicles doesn’t include dangerous driving behaviors like street racing, or stunt driving.

Over the past two years, drivers and enthusiasts have gathered to show and shine in the 2800-block of 192 Street, in what has been an unofficial event and unsanctioned meet-up. Some of the attendees have engaged in irresponsible and illegal driving behavior which put the other attendees at risk, and led to multiple vehicle impoundments and violation tickets being issued. Surrey RCMP will be conducting proactive traffic enforcement again this summer.

Street racing is when a driver attempts to out-distance, or arrive at a destination before another motor vehicle, or attempts to prevent one or more vehicle from passing. Stunt driving involves driving actions such as lifting a motor vehicle’s tires from the road, intentionally losing traction, spinning, driving into oncoming traffic, or driving too close to other vehicles.

These types of driving behaviors are dangerous and increase the likelihood of a collision causing death or serious injury. Vehicles used in street racing or stunt driving are subject to an immediate seven day impound at the owner’s expense, including associated violation tickets. A common violation ticket issued for this type of driving is drive without due care which carries a fine of $368 and six license points.

Showing and cruising in a vintage or customized vehicle is an enjoyable pastime for many residents, particularly in the summer months, says Sergeant Dave Chu of Surrey RCMP Traffic Services. Our efforts to proactively enforce traffic laws are not meant to spoil the summer fun, but to ensure that people are able to enjoy their vehicles in ways that are safe for everyone.

If you witness reckless driving behavior, please call Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 or 911 in the case of an emergency.


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