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Ridge Meadows RCMP - One team, stronger together

Opening comments

Picture of Superintendent sitting at her desk

Superintendent Jennifer Hyland

Welcome to our 2017 Year in Review. I am proud of our team of committed police officers, civilian staff, and volunteers and their efforts to keep our community safe. We all play a role in community safety and we are tremendously fortunate to have many passionate and caring community partners and active citizens. I hope you enjoy the new digital format of looking back. In 2017 we embraced new methods of connecting with our citizens in a more modern and relatable way via social media and our revised website. We also focused on connecting with youth and strengthening those relationships so that we are on the pulse of what is happening with the young people in our community. It has been many years since we had active police officers working directly with each and every school in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows and we are so happy to have brought that involvement back to the communities in 2017. We believe strongly that this is an important investment. Looking forward, we are excited about 2018 knowing that we are a stronger community when we work together.

Senior Management Team

Picture of Inspector Aaron Paradis, Operations Officer 

Inspector Aaron Paradis - Operations Officer

As the Operations Officer I have been engaged with everyone from both City halls to general citizens and I feel very welcomed in this community by all who I have encountered. I am very encouraged by the support we as a police agency receive and I look forward to further strengthening these relationships!

Staff Sergeant Roxanne Dowden, Operations Support

Staff Sergeant Roxanne Dowden – Operations Support NCO

I am thrilled with the training, wellness and development we have achieved this past year. It is paramount we ensure our officers are trained in the most up to date tactics and provide the necessary equipment to do their job. Most importantly, we strive to promote wellness and support for our members and their families.

Staff Sergeant Kevin O’Donnell, Plain Clothes Commander

Staff Sergeant Kevin O’Donnell – Plain Clothes Commander

As the Plain Clothes Commander I am excited to lead a dedicated group of police officers within a number of specialized units which include the General Investigation Section, the Street Enforcement Unit and the Uniform Community Response Unit. The support and cooperation from all citizens has been outstanding in making our communities an engaged and safe place to live.

Maureen Jones, Senior Manager of Police Services

Maureen Jones – Senior Manager of Police Services

Police Services staff are proud to work alongside the RCMP to help deliver policing services to our citizens. We take great pride in the accomplishments made in 2017 by our detachment and continuously look for innovative, creative and efficient ways to deliver our services. Civilian staff care about our communities and are committed to making a difference every day. 

Meet the team - where every individual is a leader

Did you know?

We have a total of 101 officers assigned to Maple Ridge, 23 officers for Pitt Meadows, 3 interprovincial officers and 45 FTE civilian support staff positions. Our team proudly serves the citizens of Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows & the Katzie First Nation. We believe leadership is valued at all levels within our organization.

Picture of general duty police officer walking in front of police car

General Duty

General Duty (GD) police officers are typically the first responders when police are called. They serve our communities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Picture of a male and female police officer sitting at a table 

Serious Crime and General Investigations (GIS)

Members within the General Investigation Section conduct investigations
involving serious criminal offences which occur in our communities. Support from our citizens during these investigations is paramount to a successful outcome and community safety.

Picture of police standing in front of a house 

Street Enforcement Unit (SEU)

The Street Enforcement Unit investigates property related and illegal drugs & substance act offences through a targeted team based approach. Targets are identified to decrease criminal activity on our streets.

Picture of RCMP traffic member directing cars


Traffic Services

Ridge Meadows Traffic Services consists of two teams, providing 7 day per week coverage. They are responsible for the enforcement of all Provincial traffic offences as well as investigations associated to motor vehicles, serious crashes and vehicle related fatalities. 

Picture of male and femal police officer walking in dowtown Maple Ridge

Uniformed Community Response Unit

The UCRU section has four main pillars that substantiate the majority of its work. These responsibilities include Youth and Young Adults, Mental Health, The Downtown core, and the Katzie First Nation. Visibility in the community and building partnerships through community events is a key element the sections mandate.

Picture of RCMP volunteers 

Crime Prevention and Volunteer Services (UCRU)

The Crime Prevention Unit recruits and motivates volunteers and implements a variety of crime prevention programs. Examples include Block Watch, Crime Free Multi-Housing, Speed Watch and the Auxiliary Constable Program. Utilizing volunteers, these programs contribute to an
engaged and safer community.

Picture of Victim Services staff at a call 

Victim Services

Victim Services provides support, information and referrals to individuals who have been impacted by crime or trauma. Services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client with the goal of ensuring clients are connected with appropriate resources in the community and enhancing the client’s understanding of police and court procedures.

Picture of six staff members 

Support Services

Civilian staff provide support and assistance to the RCMP in a variety of roles ranging from customer service, clerical support, cell guard duties to other specialized services, many of which operate 7 days a week. We augment that support with approximately 105 volunteers who actively engage in RCMP Crime Prevention programs that link to police strategic focus areas.

Big Moments – Moments and Events That Tell Our Story

Did you know?

One of our significant investigations culminated in the seizure of 2 luxury cars, a hand gun, a semi-automatic rifle, over $140,000 dollars in cash and more than 21,000 doses of Fentanyl
was taken off our streets.

Picture of a female police officer leaning against a police car

Moments in Our Community

Big Busts and Major Investigations

Road Safety – In the Job of Saving Lives

Picture of Jaguar car being towed

Did you know?

Excessive speeding is driving 39 km/h over the posted speed limit. If you are caught you will
receive a minimum $396 fine, 3 points on your record and your vehicle will be impounded
for at least 7 days. In 2017, our Traffic Unit impounded 457 vehicles due to excessive speeding.

Picture of a police officer holding an Alexa award plaque 

Alexa Award

In 2017 Ridge Meadows RCMP Constable Josh Brushett became a member of Alexa’s Team. To qualify as a member of the Team each officer has to complete at least 12 impaired driving investigations in the year. Cst Brushett exceled in getting impaired drivers off the road and received the Alexa award in recognition of his efforts. Alexa’s Team was founded in 2008 following the death of four-year-old, Alexa Middelaer, who was struck and killed by an impaired driver.

2017 Collisions

In 2017 both non-injury and injury collisions decreased from 2016. Top accident locations are identified and monitored by our Traffic Unit members.

Non injury collisions ranges from 668 to 687 between 2011 and 2014, went up to 807 in 2017, 937 in 2016 and 812 in 2017. Injury collisions ranges from 299 to 328 between 2011 and 2016, was 299 in 2017.

2017 Distracted Driving Violations

Distracted driving violations are trending downwards and have been since 2014. This is a direct result of ticketing penalties as well as a change in social norms.

Distracted driving violations were 793 in 2012 and 937 in 2013. Trending downwards since 2014 with 168 in 2017.

Picture of a male and female polcie officer holding a snake

Kids Are Cool – Future Generations Are Powerful

Picture of Constable Baboulas talking with school children

Did you know?

In 2017 we revitalized the way we connect with our schools and assigned 2 police officers to every school in School District 42. What this means is that every school has 2 Officers who provide consistent police interaction with children and youth in our communities.

Modern Connections – Getting With the Times and Telling Our Story

Picture of a cell phone  

Did you know?

In 2017 we redesigned our website to have a modern look making it easier to find information. We also had over 122,000 Social Media engagements through Facebook and Twitter. Check out our ‘Pink Shirt Day’ and ‘Logan Lay Chief for a Day’ videos for inspiration.

Giving Back – Community Events and Fundraisers

Picture of Logan Lay, Police Chief for a day 

Did you know?

Throughout the year our team is engaged and committed to helping others in our communities. In 2017 we raised more than $35,000 to directly support local charities.

Good Work - Police Work That Does Not Go Unnoticed

Picture of 17 police offciers wearing red serge 

Did you know?

Police work is always performed in the spirit of helping others without expectation of recognition. In 2017 we humbly received several awards for the work we do including community and
Provincial accolades. We are sincerely grateful for these tokens of appreciation.

By The Numbers – What Went Up, What Went Down

Maple Ridge

Picture of chart displaying top ten calls for service in Maple Ridge

Pitt Meadows

Picture of chart displaying top ten calls for service in Pitt Meadows

Maple Ridge

Picture of chart displaying five year trends of person and property crime in Maple Ridge

Pitt Meadows

Picture of chart displaying five year trends of person and property crime in Pitt Meadows

For Crime stats, quarterly reports and an interactive crime map go to

Picture of police at a news conference

Looking Ahead to 2018

Community Safety

Our service delivery model, both local and contracted, is integral to keeping our cities safe. We focus on issues that put our communities at most risk as well as those that have the most personal safety impact to our citizens.

2018 Action Highlights

Effective and Efficient Performance

It is our responsibility to emphasize getting the most from our resources, processes and policies. We commit to refine and seek business improvements and best practices to continue improving our return on investment both for now and in the future.

2018 Action Highlights

Communications and Public Relations

We commit to engage our citizens with relevant and interesting information, providing insight into
police issues and policing in general, as well as sharing knowledge and education.

2018 Action Highlights



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