Map of E Division depicting the policing boundaries for Island District, Lower Mainland District, Southeast District and North District.The site has been designed to provide important policing information to the people in BC.

"E" Division is the largest Division in the RCMP, with approximately one-third of the entire force located in British Columbia. More than 9.500 employees proudly serve in BC providing municipal, provincial and federal policing in areas that range from isolated Aboriginal communities and coastal villages to major cities. We are honoured to be the police force of choice for the province and the communities of British Columbia.

Flag of RCMP "E" DivisionOur job is to preserve the peace, uphold the law and provide the best possible police service with the ultimate goal of keeping our communities across BC safe. It is our commitment to deliver this service with honesty, integrity, compassion, respect, accountability and professionalism. These are more than six words. They are six values that we hold dear to our hearts as an organization

This site is constantly evolving to reflect the policing programs and services we deliver and to remain your trusted source of information about the RCMP. Check out our Year in Review 2013 for a snapshot of the work we have done in the past year.

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These tools are effective ways of getting timely information to you. In addition to general public safety information and emerging issues, we are using these tools as a means of alerting the public of immediate safety concerns and unfolding events such as Amber Alerts, evacuations, missing persons, road closures, among others.

Assistant Commissioner Craig Callens



Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens (Biography)
Commanding Officer, "E" Division