Auxiliary Constable Program

The RCMP Auxiliary Constable Program strengthens community and police partnerships by providing trained volunteers with the opportunity to perform a variety of authorized activities that enhance community policing and crime prevention initiatives.

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In BC, the Auxiliary Constable Program operates under the leadership of the RCMP Commanding Officer in partnership with the provincial Ministry of Justice.

Auxiliary Constables are trained and authorized to perform non-enforcement community policing and crime prevention activities such as:

Volunteers with peace officer status

RCMP Auxiliary Constables are volunteers who receive a BC Police Act Appointment as a sworn peace officer after completing the approved RCMP and Provincial Ministry of Justice training.

They are required to:

Auxiliary Constables:


The RCMP provides an Auxiliary Constable with a uniform. The most identifiable markings are


Auxiliary Constable Recruits must complete the Ministry of Justice Auxiliary/Reserve Constable Training Curriculum that includes physical, theory-based and practical training. There are also a number of RCMP training courses that must be completed.

Their training includes subjects such as:

Continuous learning opportunities are provided to Auxiliary Constables, ensuring their skills and knowledge are kept current during their Appointment in the program.

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Auxiliary Constable Program

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Strengthening Community.
Enhancing Partnerships

In British Columbia, Auxiliary Constables are trained citizen volunteers who serve their communities as uniformed Provincial Peace Officers. They perform authorized activities in support of community policing initiatives, such as community events and crime prevention, and general duty ride-alongs.



A/Cst radar with child Operating under the authority of the Police Services Division of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the program’s mandate is to strengthen partnerships between the community and police by providing citizen volunteers an opportunity to perform authorized activities in support of strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of, crime and disorder.

Auxiliary Constables, through their association with the police, recognizable uniform, and specialized training achieve a level of credibility with the public that provides an opportunity to coordinate, facilitate, and implement community policing and crime prevention programs in environments not suitable for other volunteers.


A/Csts with Safety Bear

Participants in the program have come from diverse backgrounds, including:

Their ages have ranged from 21 to 60. Some may intend on pursuing future careers in public safety, others wish to develop themselves as professional volunteers in addition to their regular employment, and even some serve to stay mentally and physically active during retirement.

Despite the diversity, commonalities include their strong desire to serve our community and to make a difference.


Remembrance Day troop formation

Auxiliary Constables perform a wide range of activities, including:


 AUX in a class room

 Musical Ride ceremonial marching Activities 



Training Initial Training in …

Graduation Ongoing Training in …



Regular member in Serge and Auxiliary

If you are civic minded, interested in volunteering in your community and committed to assisting the RCMP with crime reduction in North Vancouver, this program may be for you. Basic requirements are: 


For more information and to apply, contact:

RCMP Auxiliary Constable Program
North Vancouver Detachment
147 East 14th Street
North Vancouver, BC
Canada V7L 2N4

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