Gang Myth #1: Does the media portray gangs as glamorous?

Yes! But this differs from the REALITY of what happens on the street. Media plays on the positive aspects but fails to tell you the real truth!

Gang Myth #2: A gang will protect you

It depends on the status within the gang and usefulness. Just being a Member in a certain street gang will greatly increases your risk of physical danger!

Gang Myth #3: A gang is like a family

Gangs function directly opposite of the true families. Where families sacrifice for the benefit of the individual member, the gang requires the individual to sacrifice for the whole. Gang also judge you regarding clothing and rules which are enforced violently!

Gang Myth #4: Gangs are respected by the community

Complete opposite! Most communities looks down on the gang on a whole and their criminal activities, violence and intimidation tactics! Gang members always mistake fear as respect. They continually worry about who is or is not showing the proper amount of respect and fear. There is a significant difference.