2012-08-10 20:28 PDT

The BC RCMP would like to provide some information and context with respect to the matter involving Dr. Mike Webster and employee clinical health services. While we would prefer for matters of this nature to be private, however media requests warrants the release of the following information.

The RCMP recently reported a series of concerns to the College of Psychologists of B.C with respect to Dr. Webster. We are confident that the College of Psychologists of BC will address the issues raised in the complaint and determine how best to move forward.

As far as our own investigation into this matter it wouldn’t be appropriate to go into details but we can tell you that our own Health Services Professionals were deeply concerned and have removed Dr. Webster from their list of suggested and funded medical service providers.

As doctors, it is important for us to abide by the standards and practices in place for our profession. As health care professionals with the RCMP, it is important that the primary consideration driving our actions be our employees' health and wellness, says Dr. Isabelle Fieschi, BC RCMP Health Services.

The most important thing for us, and quite frankly for taxpayers, is to get our employees healthy and returned to work as soon as possible. We have to ensure tax dollars are going to those services that can accomplish that in the most effective way, and to those who are putting the needs of our employees ahead of any personal agenda they may have.

RCMP policy requires our regional psychologist to periodically review our list of authorized service providers and verify a number of things, including that they are:
1. in good standing with the respective professional governing body;
2. maintaining ethical conduct and high professional standards in the services provided to members;
3. charging fees within the limits established by the appropriate provincial/federal body; and
4. has performed acceptably in previous work with members, e.g. Satisfactory reports, reasonable waiting period for appointments, terminate treatment when there is little chance of progress.

We have added and removed other care providers in the past and will continue to do so as we strive to provide access to the best possible health care and clinical staff for our employees Having a list of suggested psychologists is simply good business practice for any employer. We have to ensure that our employees are receiving the best possible care for the funding we provide.

We are committed to providing assistance to members who make the transition to a funded psychologist. Please understand that members are free to continue to access the services of any psychologist; however if the psychologist of their choosing is not one of funded service providers they will simply be responsible for the full payment of all of his/her fees

The priority for us though is to get our employees helpful treatment from an impartial service provider that shares our goal of getting them back to work.

Released by:

C/Supt. Brad Hartl
BC RCMP Human Resource Officer

Email: bcrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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