Theft in progressThe RCMP would like to provide the public with the following tips and best practices in an attempt to prevent theft. 

Theft Of Motor Vehicles or Theft From Motor Vehicles

What to do and how to prevent it.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle? Buyer beware...

Looking to buy a pre-owned vechicle? Keep in mind the majority of the top vehicles stolen were built before 2007.

External link, opens in a new windowCanadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Website

Where the public can search our national database to see if a motor vehicle or property has been reported stolen.

Mobile Phone Theft

RCMP have noticed an increase in street robberies and thefts involving mobile phones, particularly smartphones.

Stolen Cellphone Blacklist

On Oct 1st, 2013 the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) launched a stolen cellphone blacklist program that aims to address the problem of smartphone theft by making blacklisted smartphones useless to the criminals who steal them.

Bike Thefts

RCMP’s Property Crime Unit offers the biking community seven preventative measures they can take in helping reduce their chance of being a victim

The key to controlling graffiti is rapid and consistent removal.

Home Security

Prevent theft from your home with these simple tips 

Identity Theft 

Quick Tips to prevent identity theft

Taking Action on Metal & Wire Theft    

Metal theft is a growing and challenging problem that tends to be underestimated. Costs due to damage done by theft to commercial or residential properties can easily outweigh the value of the stolen items.