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Driving Safely - Let's Review!

Langley - Some of us only recently learned how to drive, while others have been doing so for decades. The sad reality – many of us have forgotten (or chose not to obey) some of the most basic rules (we call them LAWS) of the road.

2016 Junior Cadet Camp

Langley - Langley RCMP Presents the 11th Annual 2016 RCMP Jr. Cadet Camp

Image of a garage door opener remote.

Don't Leave a 'Key' to your House in your Car!

- Once again in the Langleys, RCMP is noticing an increase in residential break-ins where the ‘bad guy’ uses the garage door opener to access the home.


A New Scam! - Warn your Friends!

Langley,  B.C. - It’s always a sad day when one of the Langley officers asks me to do another ‘new scam’ warning. Two reasons: First, it’s sad people have found one more way to steal someone else’s hard-earned money. And second, it’s sad this particular scam has found its’ way to Langley.

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