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What is Crime Free Multi-Housing?


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The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program (CFMH) is a solution oriented crime prevention initiative designed specifically to help apartment owners, managers, residents, police and other agencies work together to keep illegal and nuisance activity off rental property.
Its unique three phases is resident friendly and effective in reducing the incidence of crime in multi-unit apartment communities.

Phase 1:  

Resident managers and/or owners attend a one day seminar presented by the Police in partnership with the BC Crime Prevention Association. Cost is $75.

Topics include:

  • crime prevention concepts
  • preparing and maintaining the property
  • applicant screening
  • working together with police
  • Residential Tenancy Act
  • combating illegal activities  

Phase 2:  

The rental properties must meet minimum security standards. A representative from the Burnaby RCMP will conduct a security evaluation of the property and make recommendations. The following minimum standards must be met before advancing:

  • A quality deadbolt must be installed in all suite doors. The bolt must be a minimum of 1- inch in length and the hole in the frame must be the same size as the bolt.
  • Strike Plates on wood-framed doors must be secured with a 3-inch screw into the stud.
  • All suite doors must have eye viewers (preferably 180-190 degrees, 65 inches from the floor).
  • Sliding doors and windows require secondary locks, in addition to functioning primary locks, in all ground level and easily accessible suites.
  • The trees and shrubs must be pruned to allow a clear view of the property. Trees should be limbed to 6-feet off the ground and shrubs should be no higher than 3-feet.
  • Adequate lighting in and around the building. Lighting is an effective crime prevention tool when used properly.
  • Graffiti must be removed.
  • The property must be clean and properly maintained.
  • Must have safe record keeping practices and post emergency contact information at the front entrance. 

Phase 3:

The owner/manager will host an annual safety social for the residents. A representative from the RCMP will attend to provide crime prevention tips and encourage community involvement.

Following the completion of all three phases the management will earn the privilege to post signs and use the CFMH logo for marketing purposes.

For more information about the Program and upcoming seminars visit External link, opens in a new or contact the Burnaby RCMP Crime Prevention Unit at or 604-294-7859.